A fine premium cigar or "puro" is an artistic blending of 100% natural tobacco leaves; selected for flavor, aroma and combustibility and cultivated from the same geographic region. Combining these leaves into a "bunch" and then sealing it in a beautiful wrapper, the "torcedor", or roller, hand rolls these precious blends into various vitolas (shapes) to give the enthusiast different flavor sensations. 

We believe you will find no finer blending of tobacco than in the exquisite cigars hand made by the manufacturers represented within our product lines.

The Tobacconist

Kevin Ballard, a 23-year US Army Disabled Veteran,has over 30 years experience in the enjoyment, appreciation and knowledge of the premium cigar industry. His personal drive for success, combined with his business acumen, guarantee quality and exceptional customer service for wholesale and retail clientele. 

The "Puro"